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What is RTLS?

A cutting edge solution, utilising a hybrid wired/wireless latest technology, to help clients protect their

staff, monitor products, assets and facilities, and increase productivity whilst reducing costs by up to 14%. 


Sensors and tags are utilised and tracked with high accuracy by our indoor position engine, and this precise

data fed into applications suitable to the relevant industry.


Applications - Different Industries

(Please click on different industries to download relevant flyers)


Smart Buildings (i)                                   Industry 4.0/Manufacturing (i)   

Safe Return to Work                                                         Access Control & Density Policy Enforcement
Contact Tracing                                                                Real-Time Management of Hazards
Asset & People Tracking & more..                                    SOS Button & more..


Healthcare (i)                                          Construction (i)     

Hand Hygiene Compliance                                              Workers Safety (using Smart Badges)
Patient Wayfinding                                                           Construction Machinery Use Monitoring & Maintenance
Nurse Call Bedside Button & more..                                Parking Management & more..


Pharmaceuticals (i)                                   Data Centres (i)

Sanitisation of Shared Assets                                          Rack Level Tracking
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring                                Access Control & Density Policy Enforcement
Restricted Area Access Notifications & more..                Temperature & Humidity Monitoring & more..


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What Makes McCool's Offering Unique?.. End to End

As independent Master Systems Integrators, McCool's not only provides the RTLS Hardware and Back End

Software but also complimentary Third Party Sensors/Tags, other Communications Protocols & Control

Systems, Applications, Data Analytics, Installation, Commissioning and Systems Integration including

Integration with Client's own Apps. 


Thus, offering an End to End complete solution.




 Advanced antennas, the Locators, measure the direction of a radio signal transmitted by a Tag. The Positioning Engine then computes the Tag’s position using advanced algorithms.


Our Products 


                                             Locators & Tags



Benefit from high-quality, reliable hardware with options to suit your environment. Use our tools to manage your

own project files, licenses, billing and more. After deployment, users are able to gain real-time insight in to the

status of both assets and people.


 Smart Badge





Our Smart Badge is ideal for tracking, zone notification and monitoring of

workforce safety and security. Simple to use, a single button gives you

access to the numerous functionalities you may personalize for your needs,

e.g. as a Panic/SOS Button. A local zoning feature is able to signal danger

zones with a 80db buzzer. 


Key Features of RTLS

  • Superior Accuracy: Positioning accuracy of the system is around 0.5m (2ft)

  • Real-time: Location update rate of up to 50Hz, and latency down to 100ms

  • Compatible: Track any Bluetooth Low Energy device that is transmitting a specified radio pocket

  • Open Tag Design: Choose between multiple ready-made tags or design your own tag

  • IoT Gateway: Can be used as a gateway to IoT, receiving and exposing data from Bluetooth sensors

  • Open API: Easy to integrate into existing systems with pull or push APIs, fully open and easily configurable

  • Long Battery Life: Tag can transmit one packet per second 24/7 for three years

  • Maintenance-free: The system constantly monitors itself, requiring slight to no physical maintenance

  • Interference free: Uses advanced proprietary algorithms that make it a very robust and reliable solution

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