The CoolSúil-View app allows occupants to easily customise room settings directly from a mobile device      when connected to a Bluetooth ® low energy enabled room device.

The app has potential to increase productivity at workplace by allowing employees to navigate in an office building using smart phones and tablets to find a specific location, control their work environment,           book a meeting room, report an incident and more..

It also comes with collaborative functions such as event creation, access to the company directory and            social media!


Versatile and Customisable per Industry and Site

Picture4.pngKey Features & Benefits

  • Control Comfort Parameters from a Single Interface

Temperature         Lighting        Fan Speed        Blinds 


  • Indoor Positioning System/Indoor Mapping
  • Wayfinding                                                       
  • Room/Desk Booking
  • Newsroom
  • Contact Directory
  • Incident Report to Facilities Manager
  • Social Network
  • Web-based Services
  • Product and Asset Tracking
  • Heat Maps and Spaghetti Maps
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Integrated Multisystem Dashboards and Analytics







IoT data from our smart devices can be integrated with business applications of the workplace to automate processes, support real-time monitoring and apply analytics for insightsWith our cutting-edge IoT technologies, users can remotely monitor assets and operational processes without much effort. IoT dashboards with embedded analytics can be created using RESTful API to analyse data and then visualise it on dashboard.



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