The CoolSúil wireless IoT sensors gather data about local conditions and share findings with platforms for

further processing.


Wireless sensors are a key technology enabler is sensing the environment around us. The sensors are used

to accurately measure and monitor the CO2 levels, air quality, temperature, humidity, water quality, concrete

quality, light and sound levels and much more!



Device Types 

Temperature                      Humidity                                   Desk Occupancy                         CO2

Presence                            Light                                         Leak Detection                            Vibration

Parking                               Concrete Quality                     People Tracker                            Pressure

Air Flow                              Weather Station                      Predictive Maintenance              Desk Power

Voltage                                Local Alert Modules               Control Modules                          & more....



Key Features

  • Latest IoT Technology
  • Long Range, Low Power
  • Low Cost of Installation
  • Long Battery Life
  • Data Analytics
  • Industrial Grade Options Available
  • ATEX Rated
  • Multiple Supervisory Options

         Cloud portal          On your site BMS         On premise PC        RESTful API        BACnet



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