McCool Controls announces the launch of its

Smart Building Solutions brand:



 We are delighted to announce the launch of our smart building solutions brand CoolSúil-IoT. 

 CoolSúil-IoT expedites the delivery of smart buildings & industry 4.0 solutions by tailoring

industry specific, end-to-end, open protocol and scalable solutions for clients and specifiers.


COOLSÚIL-IoT: An Eye to the Future!


This platform leverages state-of-art IoTRTLS (Real-Time Locating System), Building

Management System and Smart Lighting technologies in through networked IoT sensors

and devices to provide end-to-end industry specific smart building solutions to transforming

buildings, campuses and sites into smart facilities while also making them energy efficient,

cost effective and safer.

Interested in making your building smart?




CoolSuil IoT- Website News Image.png






BMS, FMS (Facade Management Systems) and Systems

Integration (BACnet) - for the Irish Market.


Along with a comprehensive powerpoint instruction, the CPD

consists of Touchscreen Front End with BMS graphics, Panel

Graphic User Interface, Modbus Room Controllers,

Windowmaster Window Motor, Motorlink BACnet Motor

Controller and Integration of all components.


                                                        The Course is ideal for M&E Engineers, Architects, Building 

                                                        owners, Contractors and Facility Managers.






McCool Controls and Engineering (MC3E) is a family run business

specialising in Building Management Systems (BEMS or BMS) in

Ireland since 1991. We offer the supply, installation, commissioning 

and maintenance of BMS and HVAC Controls throughout Ireland.


An innovative Master Systems Integrator, we strive to offer our

customers cutting edge controls solutions and to this end we have

expanded from our core BMS activity to provide solutions such as:



Wireless IoT Sensors

Smart App

Real-Time Locating Systems 

HVAC AI Building Solution

PoE Smart Lighting

Building Management Systems (BMS or BEMS)

Open Protocol Systems Integration


Once established, MC3E fast became the industry leader, working
on the most prestigious and large scale projects in commercial real
estate, healthcare, education, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, data
centers and many other industries. The company’s success is based
on innovation and has led to significant growth in Ireland and Germany.



Our Mission


First-rate Technology, Fervent Service,

Family Values



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