Providing End-to-End Technology Solutions Enhancing

Construction Safety, Efficiency and Productivity




CoolSúil-Build delivers state-of-art technology solutions for construction sites based on latest IoT technology

for connecting sensors, smart lighting, RTLS technology for geofencing and material/equipment tracking,

predictive maintenance for improved equipment operation along with smart construction web applications

and enterprise integrations.


Why CoolSúil-Build?

  • Worker Safety
  • Reduce Costs
  • Expedite Concrete Pours and General Building Program
  • Improved Resource Management and Workflows
  • Measure Labour Resources Against Sub-Contractor Commitments
  • Better Reporting and Predictive Maintenance
  • Cut Waste and Equipment Theft
  • Meet 2030 Climate Goals
  • Data Driven Planning and Implementation
  • Aids Considerate Contractor Compliance


Key Features





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Concrete Monitoring



CoolSúil-Build wireless concrete sensors monitor concretes condition during casting and drying at construction sites. The sensor is installed before the concrete is cast and it measures near real time temperature, pressure, relative strength thereby optimising construction time and avoiding poor quality costs. The sensors communicate via Long Range Low Power wireless signals offering long battery life and installation flexibilityThe data from the concrete sensors is sent to cloud giving information about strength of concrete, curing index, drying status etc.

  • Monitoring Temperature, Strength and Humidity
  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Measures Curing Index
  • Drying Prediction
  • Minimising Quality Cost
  • Applications: Concrete Casting, Vaults, Floors, Walls, Pillars
  • Make Shuttering, Casting, Drying, Pouring Decisions Based on Real-Time Data



PoE Smart Lighting


We offer PoE (Power over Ethernet) smart lighting at construction sites that reduces energy usage through automated controls. It enables real-time monitoring of emergency lighting. With safe extra low-voltage, PoE infrastructure reduces the dependency of electrician for temporary lighting. CoolSúil smart lighting improves safety, quality and reduces delays on-site and allows workers to adjust the lighting levels for a specified task.

  • PoE Construction Grade Lighting
  • Energy Efficient
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Emergency Lighting
  • Safe Extra Low Voltage
  • Adjust Lighting Levels to Suit the Required Tasks
  • Automatic Control Based on Presence and Daylight
  • Reduces Ongoing Installation and Modification Costs by Skilled Operatives
  • Aids Climate Considerate Contractor Compliance



Workers' Safety



CoolSúil-Build IoT devices boosts the safety of workers at construction sites. Geofencing technology helps in identification of hazardous zones thereby reducing the risk of accidents on sites. CoolSúil-Build smart badges with SOS buttons can be worn by workers that helps in avoiding collisions with heavy machinery and maintain safe distance between employees. The device comes with proximity detection tags that helps in identification of potential Covid-19 virus contamination zones. IoT sensors helps in risk monitoring around scaffold, cranes, poles etc. by measuring any displacements, pressure, tilts thereby ensuring safety of workers against them.

CoolSúil-Build Smart Lockout Tagout tags offer near real-time monitoring of LOTO tagged power supplies. 

  • Geofencing Hazard Area
  • SOS Button for Operatives with Location
  • Hazard Identification and Avoidance
  • Verticality Monitoring (Cranes, Poles and Scaffolds)
  • High Temperature Early Warning Alerts
  • Virus Contamination Hot Spot Identification
  • Smart Lockout Tagout with Real-Time Monitoring
  • Wireless Housekeeping Push Buttons to Allow Operatives in Identifying Problems



Real-Time Site Maps


We offer Compact Trackers and Micro Trackers with embedded IoT sensors and beacons that creates real-time digital maps of construction sites highlighting danger zones, hazardous environments, number of workers on-site and work in progress areas. With the real-time location accuracy, our system can detect when vehicles or workers are getting close to one another and trigger the alert when within a predefined distance. This, in turn, helps make construction sites more predictable, easier to control, and safer for workers.

  • Identify Site Inefficiencies and Covid-19 Risk Areas
  • Find Plant and Tools Quicker
  • Improve Profits Through Expedite Program
  • Real-Time Management of Hazards
  • Digital Twin Maps for Hazardous and Danger Zones
  • Geozone Detection
  • Indoor and Outdoor Asset and People Tracking
  • Occupancy Heat Maps



IoT Tags for Collision Avoidance


CoolSúil-Build IoT construction tags are deployed on construction vehicles, moving equipment and near hazards along with wearable smart badges for workers. Workers can be alerted to potential collisions with a visible and audible alarm preventing accidents on job sites. An easy-to-use SOS button is embedded on smart badges that workers can push when they need emergency assistance.

  • Worker’s Safety Using Smart Badges
  • SOS Buttons with Automated Alerts
  • Collision Avoidance with People and Vehicles
  • Evacuation Alerts



Heavy-Machinery Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance


We offer Predictive Maintenance sensors deployed on heavy construction machinery and plant giving alerts on the operating status of machines. It prevents machine failures and reduce downtime with the power of Artificial Intelligence and connected IoT objects. From scheduling maintenance stops to turning off idle equipment – IoT devices enables an improved efficiency in the management and maintenance tasks at large scale construction sites.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Heavy Construction Machinery Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Fleet Management



Security and Anti-Theft Detection


We offer Geofence and GPS trackers to help improve security.  Geofence technology provides alerts to any unauthorized movement of construction equipment and helps locate and recover any stolen equipment. Geofencing helps in asset tracking. It alerts when a vehicle enters or moves out of a monitored area thereby avoiding any equipment loss.

  • Equipment Traceability
  • Digital Lockers
  • Anti-theft Detection
  • Identify Unauthorised Presence On-Site Out of Hours
  • Monitor Open/Close Status of Doors, Switch Room Entries etc.



IoT Dashboards and Analytics

Picture 9.png

IoT dashboards with embedded analytics can be created using RESTful API to analyse data and then visualize key site metrics on dashboards. IoT brings value to an organisation in the form of useable data. Data collected from IoT devices including:

  • Energy
  • Noise
  • Pollution
  • Bin and Skip levels

can be shared amongst stakeholders, allowing teams to make more informed decisions. Companies can then use this real-time data to drive continuous improvement for greater efficiencies, to generate greater profits and for better forecasting. 

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