Distech Controls BMS

Distech Controls is a major player in the BMS world with an annual turnover of approx. €100 million. The

company is an innovation leader, providing pioneering smart building management technologies that promote &

establish energy efficiency and comfort within buildings of all sizes.


Key Features:


  • Wi-Fi
  • Unified Room Control
  • Smart Room App
  • Smart Building App
  • Native Tridium
  • Façade Control


Envysion Front End

Web-based graphic design and enhanced visualisation interface used to deliver intercative graphical user

interfaces and an optimal user experience for building owners and facility managers.


  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Fully Customisable User Dashboards
  • Built-in Playback Functionality
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Responsive Design
  • Intuitive System Navigation
  • Customisable GUI, API and Web Services



Controller Hardware

The ECLYPSE Connected System Controller is a modular and scalable platform used to control a wide range

of HVAC applications. It consists of a control, automation and connectivity server, power supply, and I/O

extension modules.





  • Embedded web server
  • Advanced functionality - customisable control logic, web-based design and visualisation




 Unified Room Control Solution

This offering allows for the localised integration of nLight with the ECLYPSE Connected Controller Series at the

room level. The unified room control solutions increases response time and reliability of the system while

adding additional flexibility to help deliver an optimal user experience for any application.


  • Embedded Web Server
  • Blinds Module
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smart Room App allowing Unified Room Control





My PERSONIFY Workplace

My PERSONIFY Workplace increases productivity by allowing employees to navigate in an office building

through the use of smart phones and tablets to find a specific locations and to control their work environment.



  •  Highly Customisable Application
  •  Individualised Comfort Level
  •  Complete Smart Building App

1. Wayfinding

2. Room/desk Booking

3. Maintenance Tickets

4. Indoor Location Services  

5. News

                                                   6. Contact

                                                   7. Together: Social Network

                                                   8. Web-based Services

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