HVAC Field Controls and Instrumentation:

MC3E offer a full range of top quality brands for all Controls related devices including:

  • Control Valves and Actuators
  • Pressure Independent Control Valves and Actuators
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Humidity Transmitters
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pressure Switches
  • Level Switches
  • Level Sensors
  • KNX Devices
  • Calibration Certificates


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Metering and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems:

If you don’t monitor, you cannot control – this is a fundamental design policy of any BEMS. MC3E offer a

range of meters including Heat Meters, Water Meters, Electricity Meters, Oil Meters and Gas Meters.

MC3can supply, fit and Cable meters in any part of Ireland. We also provide stand Alone AMR data

acquisition including system wireless options and BMS interfaces for all meters.


We also supply a range of Intelligent Networkable Meters to provide precise robust information and to

reduce cabling.


Makes include Delta, Elster, Itron, Kamstrup and many more.


Please contact us for further information.


Variable Speed Drives (VSD) (Product)

A variable speed drive is a piece of equipment that regulates the speed and rotational force, or torque output,

of an electric motor, thus reducing the power supplied to the motor. Comprehensive savings are available if

VSDs are installed, or faulty units replaced, especially when combined with the right control solutions.

Depending on the installation savings of up to 50% are available. Typical amortisation is around 10-12



VSDs can be connected to central Building management systems in varying ways. Please  contact us to

discuss your requirements.

McCool Controls offer Turnkey Variable Speed Drive installations in Cork, Dublin and throughout

Ireland. Brands supplied include Danfoss VSDs,  ABB VSDs and Commander VSDs.


Retrofit Devices (Product)

Got an Old faulty HVAC device? Need to replace Pneumatic HVAC equipment with electric ones? With our

extensive range of specialist suppliers McCool Controls can provide exact or compatible replacements

BMS field devices throughout Ireland.


Please  contact us to discuss your requirements.


Wireless Solutions (Product)

It’s not always easy to get cables to the exact location you need them for the respective devices to be

effective. Perhaps you operate in a Listed Building, or in a Hospital where disruption isn't possible. Perhaps

it would just be too costly and disruptive to justify the works. A wireless solution could be the answer.


From our offices in Dublin and cork McCool Controls offer a range of Wireless BMS solutions including:

  • Wireless Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless Humidity Sensors
  • Wireless CO2 Sensors
  • Wireless Switches
  • Wireless Combi Sensors
  • Wireless Light Level Sensors
  • Wireless Switching Actuators
  • Wireless Valve Actuators
  • Wireless Window Contacts and Handles
  • Wireless Card Readers
  • Wireless Binary Inputs
  • Wireless Energy Meters
  • Gateways to 3rd Party Systems - BMS/KNX/BACnet/Modbus/Dali/Lonmark


For the majority of Installation MC3E employ EnOcean alliance technology devices - No Batteries, Less



MC3E will carry out Field Test Surveys on your site anywhere in Ireland prior to the installation of Wireless

BEMS Controls.  


See CUH Case Study


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