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Benefits of installing a BEMS

Benefits of Maintaining a BEMS

  • Ensure Key Safety Features such as Frost Protection, Fire Alarm Interlocks and System Pressure Protection are in place
  • Reduce Energy costs by ensuring your system is fine tuned and efficient
  • Agreed BMS Service Level agreements with guaranteed response times
  • Access to experienced Site BEMS engineers and office based support staff
  • Calibration of sensors ensures accuracies of readings and reduces energy usage
  • Maintain the integrity of  Motorised control devices and ensure correct plant operation and prevent damage to controls and associated plant items
  • Installation of latest software updates
  • Installation of improved strategies for energy savings
  • Customising of Graphic interfaces
  • Enhance Energy reporting
  • Ensure safe operation of Electrical Switchgear and Sundries
  • Identify Issues prior to catastrophic failures and prevent down time
  • Receive advice on latest controls and supervisor options
  • Receive updates on complimentary energy saving systems such as Light Controls, Monitoring and targeting system, Variable Speed drive Installations and Façade management systems

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General Troubleshooting:

  • All Plant is Off in Auto but working in Hand
    • Are Time Schedules off?
    • What Is the Outside Hold Off temperature set point?
  • Plant Wont Work in Hand or Auto but Control Circuit Live Light is illuminated
    • Is the Pressurisation unit Locked out on Low Pressure?
    • Has there been a Fire Alarm Activation that has not been reset?
  • Pumps and/or boilers coming on outside of time schedule?
    • Pumps only – most Likely an outside frost activation. These have an automatic reset.
    • Pumps Only – could it be a heat dissipation Strategy? It should end after a period of time
    • Pumps and Boilers – Most Likely an Immersion Frost Activation. These have an automatic reset.
    • Is any Remote Plant Extension Timer activated?

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