UCC ERI Building

Project: UCC Engineering Research Institute Building    

Start Date: January 2005
Completion Date: January 2006
Value range: €100 - €500K
Mechanical Contractor: Rotary Mechanical
Consultant: JV Tierney
Main Contractor: Pierse


This is a 3000 sq metre facility containing customised laboratories, pilot trial space, environmental control rooms and general office space. It is a multiple discipline facility with over 100 researchers working on varied fields such as. Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering : Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Microbial Genomics, Biodiversity & Ecotoxicology and Marine and Freshwater.

Specific Challenges

  • Pioneering Mechanical Design
  • Complex Controls Routine to cascade various heating and Cooling Sources
  • Liaising with Specialist third parties
  • Providing detailed historic energy and performance data to site researchers


  • Various heating/cooling routines
  • Space heating
  • Air handling plant
  • Web interface


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