Clonmel Mental Health

         Resource Unit         


Start Date: August 2011          
Completion Date: February 2012
Value range: €50K - €100K
Mech Contractor:  Winthrop
Consultant: VMRA
Main Contractor: BAM
BMS Platform: Elesta



This new facility was part of the government drive to provide community based mental health care. This facility caters for both residential and outpatient health care.


Specific Challenges

  • Control Platform selection - Existing Campus Control Platform - V - Elesta?
  • Integration with 3rd party Packaged Systems - A bespoke solution
  • Rain Water Harvesting Controls
  • Secure Logging of Historical Information on room conditions



McCool Controls have a long history of working with Winthrop Engineering and in particular with their Waterford office in supplying Building management (BMS) solutions in the Munster area. The project was delivered by the McCool Controls Office in Blarney, County Cork.  

The Project consists of one Motor Control Centre located in the Boiler house of the new facility linked to a Front End PC located in the admin area and with access available to the BMS from the general campus.

The BMS controls LPHW plant, Ventilation plant, terminal units as well as monitoring of Electrical, gas, water and heat metering. The BMS also controls the Water Tanks maximising Rainwater harvesting and supplementing with mains water when required.

The BMS was also charged with communicating with a 3rd party underfloor heating Control system. This had not been done with this particular system in Ireland prior to this so McCool Controls developed a bespoke solution for communicating with the system via Modbus Protocol. This facilitates enhanced data logging of room temperatures for in house analysis or for reference of organisations such as HIQA.

A decision had to be made as to whether to deploy the BMS platform existing on the campus or whether to utilise an Elesta system.

After consideration MC3E and the design team decided to employ the Elesta Controls platform. The main benefits for the project being:


  • BACnet protocol as standard making the system future proof for future campus integration
  • Modbus protocol as standard minimised the cost of the integration with the specialist Vendor control system
  • Having Modbus and BACnet as standard provided unique flexibility and allowed the main project design to proceed while the specialist interface developed - it gave piece of mind knowing the interfaces were there as standard and hardware would not need to be changed when the interface was finalised
  • Web browser as standard feature of the Elesta RCO View BMS operating software allowing remote access from multiple PCs either on or off campus
  • Panel Mounted BMS Graphic User Interface mimicking the Front End Pages


MC3E and our Partners in Elesta are proud to be part of this critical delivering a vital local service.  

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