Service and Maintenance:

Since the inception of the company MC3E has maintained a strong bond with our customers via our BMS Service and maintenance department. We have engineers operating from all of our offices and we offer service directly to clients or to their management companies.

We have long running contracts maintaining Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hospices, Offices, retail, Laboratories, & Pharmaceutical Plant

The services provided include MCC Maintenance, Field Devices, and Environmental Monitoring, Calibration of Sensors and Software maintenance and upgrades.

We also advise clients on the feasibility of adding on energy saving systems such as Enhanced BMS Strategies,  Lighting Control Systems, Sub metering, Automatic Meter Reading Systems, and Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Systems

The Main benefits to the building owner are the safe operation of Electrical Panels and mechanical Plant and the reduction of energy costs.

McCool Controls have been installing and maintaining Cylon Building management systems for over 20 years – during which period we were consistently the largest Cylon Installer in Ireland and worldwide.

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Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS):

MC3E provide state of the art BEMS (BMS) systems for every type of installation including Schools, universities, Commercial, Retail, Hospitals, Industrial, and Pharmaceutical. We implement high spec Microprocessor based control Systems to optimise Building performance and ensure occupant conditions at the minimum running cost to the client.

Systems we provide include:  Elesta, Johnson, CylonSee products

The BMS is the heart of any building, and if operated and Maintianed correctly, can minimise the building running costs.

Control Routines include time control, Humidity Control, Temperature Control, pressure Control, Air Quality Control (CO2, CO), Weather Compensation, Optimisation, Enthalpy Control.

User Interfaces include Local PCs, Touchscreens, Keypads, Wireless interfaces and remote links via Ethernet or Internet.

Electrical Installation:

MC3E keep a staff of highly skilled technicians to perform the electrical installation work associated with our Control Systems including all power wiring and controls wiring. There are many benefits to this (see Why Specialist install) the main one being that the specialists who understand the system install the system This ensures the installation is completed on time and ensures the long term quality of the system.

Automated Monitoring and Targeting Systems (M&T Systems) :

Once gathered, energy information needs to be correlated and presented properly to ensure that the information is acted upon correctly and the necessary carbon reduction and cost savings are achieved. M&T software allows end users to set up customised reports to allow detailed understanding of energy usage and ensure subsequent corrective action (see benefits of M&T).

McCool Controls supply, install M&T systems throughout Ireland offering turnkey packages including mechanical and electrical work,

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Façade Management Systems: (Services)

Natural Ventilation systems are becoming increasingly more common with the continued evolution of building design. MC3E offer a complete Facade Management Systems (FMS) anywhere in Ireland to fully control and monitor the facade, building conditions and external conditions.

FMS can consist of traditional BEMS controllers but for larger or more complex we utilise dedicated controllers and devices from the Konnex (KNX) range of equipment. KNX is an International Standard Open Protocol Control System (see about KNX, see Eircom Case Study)

Control Routines include Window Control, Louvre Control, Roller Blind Control, Venetian Blind Control, Solar Shading, Sun Asquith Control, Weather Stations, Manual User Interfaces, LCD Room Controllers, Touchscreen Controller, Integration with site BEMS.

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Lighting Control Systems: (Services)

MC3E utilise the KNX range of equipment (see about KNX) to provide hi-spec, cost effective Lighting Control Systems. The system is easily installed in new installations or in retro fits to existing installations. MC3E posses in house installation technicians to install and commission Lighting Control systems in Dublin, Cork or throughout Ireland. (see why LCS).

LCS Control Routines would include Presence detection, absence detection, Constant Light Level Control, 0-10V Dimming, Interface with DALI Ballasts, Manual User Interfaces, LCD Room Controllers, Touchscreen Controller, Integration with site BEMS and Integration with site FMS.

See Why LCS

Integration with Third Party Control systems: (Services)

MC3E can integrate any of our Control Systems with a variety of third party plant via communications protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, and OPC. (See Eircom Case Study, Terminal 2 Case Study, Central Criminal Courts Case Study).

This allows for full interrogation and monitoring of third party plant which otherwise would be unavailable to the facilities manager. Applications include Chiller Plant, Biomass Boilers, A/C Units, Intelligent Pumps, Variable Speed Drives, Meters, Cleanroom plant, SCADA Systems, Baggage handling equipment etc.

Integrated Building Services Controls Systems (Services)

MC3E can bundle all of the above services into a Turnkey package for either Main Contractors or Building owners. This provides or customer with a state of the Art Integrated Building services Control system (IBSCS) ensuring a highly efficient installation working at its optimum, reducing Carbon emissions and energy costs. (see Why IBSCS).

Validated /Qualified BEMS: (Services)

Hi tech Pharmaceutical and Medical device industries quite often need to meet the stringent Requirements of the United States of America Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and as part of this they require a monitoring system compliant with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic information management. .

MC3E Provide US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Johnson Controls Metasys for Validated Environment software in Cork, Dublin and anywhere in Ireland. The system is fully compliant with the FDA regulations and along with the Installation qualification and Operational qualification processes of MC3E ensure the highest level of auditing and monitoring of systems including:

  • Precision Digital Environmental Control
  • System Security – To match Part 11 Physical and Logical procedures
  • Secure Data management and Recording
  • Electronic records and Information
  • Time Stamped Data Logs
  • Single Point of Responsibility

The hardware for the Qualified BMS is the same as for standard BMS – So if you require Validated BMS in Ireland now or in the future the first step is to engage Mc3E for the BMS work.

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Coolconnect is the new service from MC3E proving support for site BMS anywhere in Ireland Va the Internet. MC3E can simply provide a back up service to the BMS maintenance or provide a Bureau service managing and Monitoring your BMS and Energy Usage.

Connection can be via VLAN, Broadband Modem or 3G modem – This means we can reduce your energy costs virtually anywhere in Ireland.

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