Benefits of installing a Lighting Control System

A Lighting Control System (LCS) is a Control and Monitoring system for commercial and industrial premises. We utilise KNX open Protocol Control System (see about KNX) providing future proof hi spec technology at a low installation cost.

In a commercial building, without Automatic Lighting Control, Lighting can use 30-40% of the Electrical Energy Usage. By Installing a comprehensive LCS, a saving of up to 45% can be realised with an amortisation of 3 years or less.

These are achieved by the following control routines:

  • Presence Detection
  • Absence Detection
  • Utilisation of Natural Light
  • Constant Light Level Control
  • “Last Man Out” Control
  • Scene Selection

Further benefits would include:

  1. Central Operating Stations can be provide allowing central monitoring and control, including monitoring of lamps and ballasts
  2. Maintenance planning for Buildings based on Lamp Monitoring
  3. Increased productivity of Staff due to satisfaction with their conditions
  4. PR benefits due to improved green image
  5. Easier to sublet areas due to lower running costs
  6. With Web based Software it is possible for operators to access the LCS via the Web

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