McCool Controls & Engineering is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS). The Intelligent

Locating System, Powered by Quuppa, provides seamless location-based services, enabling businesses to

locate Bluetooth-enables devices with superior accuracy, 0.5m (2ft). This is achieved by using unique Direction

Finding signal processing methods and advanced proprietary algorithms.

The system is used by different industries varying from healthcare and manufacturing to corporate real estate

and sports.

The technology is a key cornerstone of our smart building solutions including:

  • Covid-19 safe return to work plans - Occupancy Heat Maps, Risk Identification and Contact Tracing
  • Smart Healthcare Solutions
  • Real-Time Location Services
  • Indoor Positioning Systems
  • Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding
  • Room Booking & Hot Desk Management
  • HVAC Control & Energy Management
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Sports Analysis
  • Smart Showroom 


Key Features of the System

  • Superior Accuracy: Postioning accuracy of the system is around 0.5m (2ft)
  • Real-time: Location update rate of up to 50Hz, and latency down to 100ms
  • Compatible: Track any Bluetooth Low Energy device that is transmitting a specified radio pocket
  • Open Tag Design: Choose between multiple ready-made tags or design your own tag
  • IoT Gateway: Can be used as a gateway to IoT, receiving and exposing data from Bluetooth sensors
  • Open API: Easy to integrate into existing systems with pull or push APIs, fully open and easily configurable
  • Long Battery Life: Tag can transmit one packet per second 24/7 for three years
  • Maintenance-free: The system constantly monitors itself, requiring slight to no physical maintenance
  • Interference free: Uses advanced proprietary algorithms that make it a very robust and reliable solution