Repair of Faulty Cylon Controllers

MC3E now offer a reliable and competitively priced repair service for faulty Cylon UC32 Controllers (see Cylon notice) with the widespread capacitor C135 failures.
Given the truly extraordinary level of failures on a worldwide basis with the Cylon main plant (UC32.XX) range of controllers, MC3E have developed a comprehensive solution for this with a complete refurbishment of the affected controllers. Not satisfied with the proscribed solution of either purchasing new controllers or paying to have the suspected faulty component replaced with all other components left in situ, we set about providing an independent and comprehensive refurbishment service complete with a 6 month warranty.
The fault typically manifests itself in either all outputs, or all inputs or both reading to their extremity – Typically 10V – This can obviously cause significant disruption to the affected plant. It is usually accompanied by a discolouring of the controllers.
Please note – This IS NOT generally a fault of the site but the product and the refurbishment should solve the problem. In situations were there is excessive heat occurring in either the panel or the plant room then corrective measures should be taken.
Please note that generally if one controller is affected on a site, then all controllers may eventually suffer the failure – So from a site wide perspective there are various options available for affected sites which are detailed in the document “MC3E summary of options Document

One consideration is whether you upgrade your entire site – Please see a comparison of systems:


Please contact us for independent advice on this highly technical subject.

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