Terminal 2 and Pier E               

Terminal 2 & Pier E is a €695 Million development designed to meet the growing needs of the Dublin Airport for many years into future. The design intent was to provide a vibrant modern efficient complex. The contract structure is unusual as all major contractors are employed directly to the Dublin Airport Authority who have appointed Arup Consulting Engineers as project managers.

The challenge for Mechanical Contractor was to appoint a large experienced controls company to complete a fast track program to an ultimate level of excellence.

They appointed McCool Controls as we offered the optimum package for the site including:

  • Proven track record with projects of this scale
  • Highly Skilled and experienced staff
  • Offer Turnkey Controls Package including in-house panel manufacturing and dedicated Electrical Installation department

The challenges for the BMS on this project are as follows:

  • Control of Bi-generation LPWH plant including Serial communication and cascading of heat sources based on secondary demand
  • Control of CHW plant including Serial communication
  • Pressure Control of Secondary pumps based on pressure monitoring and Valve positions
  • Control Of 45 AHUs based on Temperature, Air quality Control and occupancy levels
  • Control Of 341 FCUs with EC-DC Motors
  • Control Of General and Smoke Extract Fans
  • Provision of 200 Variable Speed Drives with Dedicated Fire Modes and serial Communication with the BMS
  • Serial Communication with 150 Electrical Meters
  • Serial Communication with the Building Systems Integrator (BSI) via OPC Server


Integration with VSDs and Electrical Meters is achieved through a network of Modbus controllers throughout the site – thus providing detailed monitoring of the power consumption of the complex

Integration with the BSI is achieved through the BMS-OPC Server that allows all BMS information be transferred to the BSI and also allows the transfer of information to the BMS from 3rd party systems; such as Lighting Presence Detectors and occupancy levels from the Airport Operational Database.

MC3E’s strong project management techniques were employed throughout the project to ensure smooth running of the project from the outset including:

  • Front Loading Of design including Description of Operations and Graphics
  • Factory acceptance Tests
  • Detailed regular Co-Ordination with 3rd parties to ensure efficient electrical installation
  • Off Site Mock Ups of Integration via serial Communication.