Eircom HQ, Heuston South Quarter

Area: 25,000 sq metres
Start Date: January 2006
Completion Date: November 2008
Value: €800K - €1M
Mech Contractor: T. Bourke & Company
Consultant: Arup Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor: Pierse Contracting


  • Winner  of Sustainable Achievement of the Year Award 2008
  • Winner of the Sustainable Energy Ireland 2009 Award for Sustainable Building Excellence


Eircom’s New Headquarters is a 7 Storey building over basement, with a 10-Storey Tower, located in the new Heuston South Quarter opposite Heuston Station. It is a Building that has Mixed Mode Ventilation Capability, either Natural Ventilation or Mechanical Ventilation.

The BMS monitors and controls the following Mechanical plant

  • 2 No. Chillers and associated pumps
  • 2 No. Boilers and Associated pumps
  • Future Link to Site District Heating
  • 8 No. Air Handling Units
  • 53 No. Heater Batteries
  • 104 Fan Coil units
  • 140 Trench Heater Units

The Façade involves approximately

  • 600 Ventilation Louvres
  • 300 Window Motors
  • 500 Venetian Blinds Motors
  • 50 Roller Blinds Motors

The Facade Management System FMS Controls the Natural Ventilation based on Internal Space Temperature and C02 levels, Flue Temperature and Outside Temperature. It also uses Lux sensors on each floor to ensure occupant comfort by adjusting the Blinds to reduce glare. The FMS also monitors Incident Solar Radiation to maximize Heat Gain from the sun when available, although occupants comfort is always the prime concern.

The Venetian Blind Motors were a particular challenge on the project as they were Encoded motors with SMI (“Standard Motor Interface”) technology. This technology ensures the synchronisation of the blinds so there is no discrepancy in the Venetian blinds deployment. Conventional BMS systems are not are unable to communicate with SMI motors directly.

However MC3E is a KNX System Integrator. KNX is the International Standard for Open Protocol Control Systems. KNX systems are a Bus type system typically used in Electrical Lighting, Natural Ventilation and Heating Zone Control. We were able to provide an KNX-SMI Communication actuator to control the Blinds motors. We successfully integrated the BMS and the KNX System to provide the end user with one fully functioning Building Management System.

We are proud to boast our BMS is at the heart of an innovative and highly efficient award wining Building. McCool Controls have maintained a strong relationship with the client and continue to perform the BMS maintenance on the site.