Our Mission


To provide specialist Control Systems, with excellent service from design to conclusion, and to ensure optimum

performance of the Control System throughout it's life cycle.To provide a superior service for our customers and

partners whilst maintaining the cordiality and values of a family business.


Put Simply - Fervent Service, First Rate Technology, Family Values



McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E) was established in 1991 to meet the growing demand for hi-spec

controls systems in the construction industry. Once established, MC3E fast became the industry leader working

on the most prestigious and large-scale projects in the country, whilst successfully completing projects of all

sizes and descriptions to the complete satisfaction of contractors, consultants and end users.


Traditionally, a supplier and manufacturer of Building Management Systems and Motor Control Centres, MC3E

have continuously expanded our services to meet the needs of our customers and evolving nature of Building

design including Electrical Installation Works, Façade Management Systems, Automated Meter Reading

Systems, Energy Auditing Systems, Automatic Monitoring And Targeting Systems and Integrated

Building Services Controls Systems.


We strive to offer our customers cutting edge controls solutions and to this end we have expanded from

our core BMS activity to provide smart solutions such as:

  • Internet of Things (IOT) products & Smart Building Solutions
  • Smart Lighting
  • Real-Time Locating Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Open Protocol Systems Integration



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MC3E have a dedicated Service and Maintenance division to meet the needs of our clients long after the

completion of the project.






We have found McCool Controls to be responsive,

helpful, thorough, diligent and expert in their field.

They regularly met and exceeded the specification

and our expectations providing cutting edge

technologies such as M-Bus metering networks,

Panel Graphic User Interfaces and BMS Point

override modules.

Philip Carey


Irish Prison Service

Mechanical Inspector

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